Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2020



Les Oiseaux blancs, les oiseaux noirs
Animation / France / 2002 / 4 min
A parable of good and evil inspired by an African tale. A man who sends white birds to others will receive good thoughts in return, while black birds attract evil.
Au premier dimanche d’août
Animation / France / 2000 / 11 min
On the evening of the summer ball, the whole village shows up. The town square fills up little by little, the musicians tune their instruments, children shout, the party begins...
Conte de quartier
Animation / France / 2006 / 15 min
Seven characters have an exciting day in a neighbourhood under renovation located on the riverbank. Here they cross paths without seeing each other, a doll is passed from hand to hand, and later on they all meet, their paths converging and finally mixing together.
A preview excerpted from her upcoming film
La Traversée
Animation / France / 2020 / 11 min / Release date June 2020
A looted village, a fleeing family and two children lost on the roads of exile... Kyona and Adriel try to escape from the people tracking them to reach a country with a more forgiving regime.

*25.01.2020, 10:00 : Créteil, La Lucarne + rencontre avec Violaine Lecuyer
27.01.2020, 9:30 : Nogent, Royal Palace
28.01.2020, 09:00 : Chilly-Mazarin, Cinéma F. Truffaut + rencontre avec Florence Miailhe
29.01.2020, 10:00 : Créteil, Le Palais + rencontre avec Florence Miailhe
31.01.2020, 14:00 : Villiers, Le Casino + rencontre avec Florence Miailhe
31.01.2020, 10:00 : Vitry, 3 Cinés Robespierre + rencontre avec Violaine Lecuyer

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